FREE Sample Deals

We’ve made a set of 24 deals that you and your friends can trial for FREE! Play them as many times as you like with as many friends as you like, all without charge. You don’t need to login or register with us to access or play the free hands. You’ll find the links to the hands at the bottom of this page. So read the instructions, then scroll down and enjoy!


Step 1

Sign up to a free account with a video conferencing service provider such as Zoom or Webex. Zoom is quick and easy to setup, and simple to use. Webex is trickier but they offer unlimited meeting times for up to 5 people on their free account.

Step 2

Have a video meeting with your friends first, before you begin Bridging, to familiarise yourself with how Zoom or Webex works. Play around with muting and unmuting, screen sharing, turning the video on and off, switching your camera round, and so on.

Step 3

When you’re comfortable with having video meetings, it’s time to have a go at Bridging. Each player will need a pack of playing cards (and a bidding box if you want to bid silently).

Step 4

Decide who will be Player 1, Player 2, Player 3 and Player 4. You can each access your designated hand in the 24 deals using the buttons below. Decide which deal number to play, and each deal your own hand, looking at the deal on the screen and selecting those 13 cards from your pack of cards.

Step 5

Bid as normal. At the end of the bidding, dummy needs to show you their hand. They can either screen share their deal, or call out their cards, or angle their camera so you can see their cards. Using your own cards, lay out dummy’s hand in front of you so you can all see it easily.


Your meeting with Zoom or Webex will only end if you hit the ‘end meeting’ button (a red circle with an ‘x’ in it). To see your deals mid-game, you can navigate away from the meeting, look at the deals, then navigate back to the meeting, all without disconnecting from your friends.

Your audio connection will still be running even if you’ve navigated away from the meeting, so don’t read your cards out loud! You might like to mute the sound when you’re dealing your hand. Unmute it again when you’re ready to play again.

You’re Ready to Play Your First Deal

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