Step 1

Sign up to a free account with a 3rd-party video conferencing application (such as Zoom, Webex, Group FaceTime etc.)

Step 2

Tell your friends which set of hands you’ve purchased from us (Player 1, Player 2, Player 3 or Player 4). Your friends will need to buy the other 3 hands.

Step 3

Log into your account (the login button is in the top right hand corner of the screen. On a mobile, the login is in the menu at the top right of the screen).

Step 4

Your active subscriptions should appear in the menu. You can also access them by clicking on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab in your account. The ‘Subscriptions’ page in your account has a table displaying all of your active subscriptions.

Step 5

Either in your account or in the menu, click on the subscription you want to access. This will take you to the bank of deals.

Step 6

Connect with your friends using the 3rd-party video conferencing application you’ve signed up to.

Step 7

All the deals are numbered. Agree between you which deal number you’ll play first.

Step 8

Deal your hand using your own pack of playing cards, referring to the bank of deals you’ve subscribed to.

Step 9

You’re ready to play the first hand! Cut a pack of cards, create partnerships and decide who will be N, S, E and W as usual. Bid as you normally would.

Step 10

When the bidding has ended, the dummy hand needs to be shared with all of you. We suggest every player lays out dummy in front of them using their own cards, for ease of reference. The video conferencing application you’re using might have a ‘screen sharing’ function, in which case dummy can show you their hand directly from the bank of deals. Alternatively, the player with the dummy hand can read out their cards, or angle their camera to show all of you what they’ve been dealt.

Step 11

For subsequent deals, you can switch between the video conferencing application and the bank of deals on without ending your meeting. Navigate back to your friends on the video conferencing application when you’ve prepared your next hand.

Tip: unless you’ve disabled audio, your friends will still be able to hear you when you’re preparing your next hand, so don’t read your cards out loud! It only takes a click to disable/enable the video and mute the audio, so you might like to do this when you’re preparing each hand. Don’t forget to switch it back on when you’re ready to play.

Step 12

You’re ready to play the next hand. Happy Bridging!
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