How do I see what card someone has just played?

When you play a card in Bridging, we suggest that you hold it up in front of you so that the other players can see it, and keep holding it up until the trick has been won. On all the video conferencing applications we’ve trialled, you can change the view on the screen so that you all appear as a grid, which makes all of you the same size. This is the screen arrangement we find easiest for cardplay.

I’m already using Zoom but you suggest Webex for Bridging. Can I use Zoom instead?

Yes! There are different options available for connecting with your friends: Webex, Zoom, Group FaceTime, Houseparty and Google Hangouts are the best known. We prefer applications that are designed specifically for business video conferencing (Webex and Zoom) because we have found that the connection is stronger and the quality of the video is much better than, for example, FaceTime. Also they work on every device we’ve trialled, and you even have the option of joining the meeting by telephone so no-one needs to be excluded. Using a telephone for the audio also gives you the option of a good quality sound connection.

We don’t have any affiliation with any of these service providers. The reason we suggest Webex is because they currently offer unlimited meeting lengths for up to 5 people on their free account. Zoom limit their free accounts to 40 minute meetings.

We’re a group of 5 friends and we play Chicago, swapping partners every four hands. How does Bridging work for us?

We can create a special membership for you. Please contact us with details of your requirements.

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